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Oasis Quick Clean The First Extra Strength Detox Capsule!

Countless online retailers claim to sell quality detoxification products. Oasis Brand Detoxification formulas have helped people with systems that required a body cleanse which would penetrate deepper into their system than the average cleanser.

Before Oasis ever existed people were already using the traditional cleansing teas, and liquid detox carbo-drinks from other companies, which were sold through our chain of herb, vitamin & nutrition stores. Shortly after we began to notice results in a higher number of dissatisfied consumers who fell under the category of heavily toxic.

Through a series of test by our certified nutritionist, herbalist and plant botanist we began to develop a formula based on what would work on extreme cases of toxicity. This original formula became known as P Clean.

P-Clean (Oasis) goes mainstream!

The original P-Clean urine detox formula is still the basis for the Oasis Brand Detoxification products success today. But the product name did not fly well with distributors, so we adjusted. Now Oasis Brand detoxification formulas are reaching people who are in a situation that requires serious cleansing, and fast.

This was just the beginning our research team dug even deeper. More testing, and as a result came a herbal cleansing formula that was not only organic but more absorbent than the one that proceeded it.

Oasis: Quick Clean

As a bi-product of continued research by our expert herbalist, we are able to provide quality and deliver Oasis Brand Detoxification products that prove our every word true. Oasis Quick Clean covers these aspects of cleansing.

• Organic Potency
• Trapping & Eliminating Toxins
• Vitamins & Amino acids
• Dissolve Remaining Toxic Residue


All herbs in Oasis Brand detoxification Formulas are specifically formulated to assist the body's natural cleansing process in effectively eliminating toxins through the - Liver, kidneys, digestive system, and urinary system. Cleansing these are mandatory in acheiving a successful whole body cleanse.

Oasis Brand Detoxification Formulas are made to stimulate and increase metabolism. Due to stress, and improper eating habits, most people's metabolic process is slow and even congested. Oasis products are here to assist the body's metabolic function in a natural way.

Note: Oasis Daily Detox is gentle and will not strip the body of its nutrients, minerals, or digestive enzymes.

Unisex Based Science

Opposite to detox product lines that claim to produce products that detoxify a woman based on her body chemistry, we based our formulas on general male biological function. Our herbalist discovered through scientific research that it is harder to detoxify men than women. Our formulators used what worked best on those who carry X and Y-chromosomes, as the basis for Oasis brand products.

Item Oasis Formulas Toxins VS Time Product Function OrderNow To Receive 15% Discount
The All Out Detox / Supreme Cleanser
A body detox for people who are extremely toxic or , over weight who are in need of a whole body cleanse within a 7 day time period. The All Out Detox is for those who require heavy duty cleansing.
Regular Price 71.95 Buy Now For $61.57
Oasis Quick Clean / Works Instantly
Very powerful 1 hour detox capsules that immediately begins to remove all enviormental, medical and recreatioinal toxins from the urine in just 1 hour. Stronger than liquid detox drinks, and works for up to
Regular Price 24.95 Buy Now For $21.20
Oasis Hair Follicle / Detox Shampoo
Detox shampoo made for the sole purpose of passing hair follicle drug test. It works in just 10 minutes. Oasis Hair Follicle Detoxification shampoo is PH Balanced, and will not strip perm from the hair.
Regular Price 29.95 Buy Now For $25.45
Oasis 7 Daily Detoxification Formula
Use Oasis daily detox capsules to minimize the bodys toxin load from all unwanted toxins. Daily cleansing capsules provide excelent detoxification qualities for liver, blood, and urinary tract.
Regular Price 34.95 Buy Now For $33.95
Oasis Pretox Detoxification Formula
Oasis Pretox cleansing capsules are used to give your primary cleansing product a boost in assisting the body in the removal of toxins.. This products extra support needed to detoxify blood, colon, and urinary tract.
Regular Price 12.95 Buy Now For $9.30
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